Die Zukunft der Logotherapie?

„In 1948, Dr. Viktor Frankl, whom I believe was the greatest psychiatrist of the twentieth century, and the founder of Logotherapy – which means Meaning Therapy, invited us to change our way of thinking about body, mind, and soul. He suggested that we should envision this trinity as that of a personal or spiritual core encompassed by two peripheral layers: one of psyche or soul, and the other of soma. All  three layers, he said, extend through all our layers of consciousness which, later if we agree with Dr. Ken Wilber, have been created on an infrastructure of six revolutionary stages, whose energy frequencies have adapted to these changes and brought to focus the pivotal role of Memory in those functions.“

aus: Cox, R.H.: Spirituality as a working model in brief psychotherapy
Spiritual Approaches to Emotional and Behavioral Change, Springfield, 2016

Anmerkung: Ken Wilber gilt als Protagonist der Integralen Theorie. Die auf ihr aufbauende, noch in den Kinderschuhen steckende integrale Psychotherapie mag aus meiner Sicht eines Tages die sinnzentrierte Psychotherapie Viktor Frankls auf anregende Weise erweitern.